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Since 1970, Slush Puppie has been the pioneer of ice-cold refreshment…but sometimes, even the coolest brands need to paws for a refresh.


Slush Puppie is a well-loved brand with a powerful nostalgic pull, but since 1970 the brand has lost its way, with many versions over many continents. The challenge was to bring together the beloved brand in everyone's mind and return Slush Puppie back to its original status, versus a growing crowd of slush competitors.


The brief called for a modern and playful brand identity, one that increased relevance with people of all ages, whilst retaining the recognisable symbolism that we all know and love.


Our new look and feel breathes modernity and puppie-like playfulness into the brand, with a fresh colour palette, light-hearted tone of voice and impactful word marque inspired by the vintage logo.


When digging through the archives we found a wealth of vintage typography, with a cliched Cooper Black logo that has become overused since 1970. We retained the essence of the typeface but dropped the serifs, making for a cleaner and bolder word marque with a more modern feel.


Finally we crafted the mascot himself to make him fit for purpose. Throughout the decades there have been a dozen versions of the puppie, ranging from a loveable snoopy-style to a surfer-dude dog. We collaborated with a local Bristol illustrator to redraw the mascot, returning a youthful energy to the puppie that is childlike but not childish, for kids and adults alike. The pup now has more personality and charisma, but the same sparkle in his eye. An old dog with some new tricks.

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