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To reassert its position as the best craft beer brewer in London, we've continued the partnership we started with Meantime in 2018, giving the brand a new and vibrant visual identity.


Started in 1999 in a Greenwich flat, Meantime Brewing Co. was founded on a pioneering spirit that helped to spark the craft beer movement. But since then, the landscape has changed dramatically, with big craft players and smaller breweries entering the space.


Our rebrand needed to help Meantime reclaim its turf as the original craft pioneer. To breathe life into the brand, we moved Meantime from ‘a beer from London’ to ‘the beer of Greenwich’, giving the brand a unique sense of place.


Our new visual identity captures the vibrant spirit and dynamism of modern Greenwich. Each beer is inspired by the iconic shapes and architecture of real locations and several beers in the range have even been renamed, including ‘Prime Pale’ and ‘Greenwich Lager’. 


The cog device, a subtle graphic element in the previous design, has now been elevated to the heart of an ownable design system that represents both the brand’s home in Greenwich – ‘the home of time’ – as well as the closely connected and fiercely committed team that work tirelessly to create Meantime’s great craft beer. 


The result is a visual identity that builds on the past while arming Meantime for the future, seamlessly flexing from core ‘full time’ beers through to limited edition ‘part time’ brews, and easily extending to future innovation via the 'off-the-clock' series.


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