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Following on from our global redesign, we partnered with Gü to create Gü Mixology, a range of cocktail-inspired desserts that are the most exciting treats to celebrate the end of the week.

The brief was to create a design that could embody that ‘Friday night feeling’ for younger consumers. Rooted firmly in the insight that for younger consumers, a key part of celebration is self-expression, Gü Mixology is about boldly showing up and making a statement - just like a great cocktail.

The design system celebrates the personality of each cocktail-inspired Gü. By giving each ramekin its own individual garnish and infusing the expressive typography with the dessert’s unique colour palette, we could bring attitude and personality to the assets in a way that still feels true to Gü.

The iconic black pack remains but has now been elevated through subtle finishes. Inspired by art deco cocktail culture, delicate lines radiate from the centre of the pack in the shape of the cocktail’s distinct glassware, bringing theatre and discoverable detail to the design.

The Gü Mixology cocktail menu offers four delicious desserts, available in Strawberry Daiquiri, Passionfruit Martini and Espresso Martini. So shut the laptop, grab your favourite dessert and get your Friday started.

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