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Established in 1615, Grolsch has over four centuries of rich stories and an uncompromising commitment to brewing beers of true substance. But on today’s lager shelf with its interchangeable green bottles Grolsch was getting lost as just another Northern European Pilsner. To get noticed again, Grolsch needed to reveal its real substance through the stories and symbols it was built on.


Although available in different formats around the world, it’s the iconic Grolsch swingtop bottle that drinkers most associate with the brand. With its heavyweight green glass, deep embossing and characteristic ‘poppable’ top, it’s the ultimate symbol of the uncompromising spirit behind Grolsch.


The new visual identity elevates the swingtop to the central icon of the brand, placing its silhouette at the heart of the identity and using it to drive distinction wherever the brand is seen.

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