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When it first launched Gü was a pioneering challenger, setting new standards in premium pleasure with a world of wicked indulgence. But the current packaging had lost this edge, becoming cold and logical in a category that’s anything but.


Our new design draws from the best of Gü’s past while still moving the brand forward, shortcutting logic with packs which are distinctive, contemporary and irresistibly indulgent.

Taking the brand back to black was the first step, delivering impact at shelf while reclaming a distinctive piece of the brand’s history – something missing from current packs but which research revealed lived on strongly in consumers’ minds.


Inspired by Gü’s patisserie roots we put the signature ramekin at the heart of the design, investing time and care in photography to make sure every shot was oozing with indulgence, expertly overseen by Gü’s team of pastry chefs. Each product also includes a dynamic ‘spoon push’ to showcase the luxurious layers which have always set the brand apart.


The charismatic brand marque is given space to breathe, creating strong recognition on shelf and throughout the brand world and balancing premium simplicity with richly layered indulgent product communication. This is complimented by flavoursome typography to help shoppers easily find their favourite treat.

From supermarket shelf to the first joyful mouthful as you sink into the sofa, every moment with Gü has been designed to deliver a distinctive and deliciously uplifting layered experience.

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