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Back in 2013, free-from foods were medical necessities available on prescription. Shrink-wrapped and sterile, they couldn’t have been further from delicious food. Enter Eat Real – a range of snacks made from real, delicious ingredients that are naturally free from gluten and dairy. Their hummus, lentil and quinoa chips quickly gathered a cult following of free-from snackers who loved the product but struggled to remember the brand name.


Fast forward to today and free-from isn’t simply a medical need but a lifestyle choice. Clinical, functional design codes have been left behind, replaced by colourful and characterful foodie brands who exist to prove that ‘free-from’ doesn’t mean free from flavour. In this bold new world Eat Real felt cold, artificial and lacking brand equity.


Our task was to celebrate the promise of the brand’s name, building a world of real flavour, real crunch and real taste. We crafted the brand marque and leaf icon and made them centre stage on pack, celebrated the natural beauty of real ingredients through refreshed photography and used the white bag as a canvas that feels fresh and distinctive, rather than clinical and cold.

The result is a design system that heroes the brand but makes it easy to shop the different snack formats and flavours available, with enough stretch to accommodate products outside of the core range including Kids and Organic.

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