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Since the 1950s, Crusha has been the original milkshake syrup. However, the brand needed a fresh visual identity to appeal to a new generation of milkshake lovers and feel more modern.


Our mission was to rejuvenate key brand assets and bring back the exciting, irreverent and distinctive personality that consumers unmistakably recognise as Crusha.

To achieve this, we needed to balance shelf standout with personality and broad appeal, whilst ensuring the brand’s youthful attitude shone through across every touchpoint.

Rooted in the world of American diners – epicenters of youthfulness and rebellion throughout pop culture, from Grease to Pulp Fiction - our new design leverages the visual codes of ‘proper’ diner milkshakes, including striped straws, tall glasses and thick, frothy shakes.

Visual elements like the checkerboard pattern ground the design in the classic diner aesthetic and re-establish Crusha as the authentic, original milkshake syrup – the only choice when it comes to a real at-home milkshake experience.